2015 Retrospective

Like thousands of others in the Tennessee Valley, I earn my keep in the field of engineering – software engineering in my case. One of the occupational hazards of such a career is a tendency to synthesize everything into numbers and spreadsheets and as 2015 rolled into 2016 I just couldn’t help myself – I had to do an analysis. I’m just that nerdy.

For starters, I made a new menu option I imaginatively named “Trails”  that will take you to a table containing  every trail we’ve blogged about, the published length of the trail, a link to the blog post for it, a general area, and the distance from the Madison County Courthouse (I just picked a central spot that folks would recognize). I hope it’s useful. I aim to add new trails to it as we go on.

While I was compiling this list, I also jotted down a few other facts:

  • In 2015, Chet and I took 37 hikes, covering 168.6 miles
  • 29 of these we blogged about, 8 we didn’t
  • We hiked near and far – our closest trail was 3.4 miles away, our farthest 269 miles from home
  • We hiked in 3 states: Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia
  • Our longest hike was 12 miles in the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge (Bird City)
  • Our shortest hike was 1.1 miles to get us in to Charit Creek Lodge (Jewel in the Crown: Charit Creek Lodge)
  • We only took 2 kayak trips, and only blogged about 1 of them
  • We took 1 overnight backpacking trip (Curry Mountain Backpacking Trip)
  • We stayed overnight (indoors) in 3 places: Charit Creek, Hike Inn, and Cheaha State Park
  • We saw 35 waterfalls, including 10 we didn’t even blog about

Not a bad year! Hopefully we’ll have just as much fun in 2016. Happy Hiking Everybody!



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