Letter to Santa

It’s 4  days before Christmas and in our house we’ve been bustling around  decorating, shopping, baking, and wrapping. We’re almost ready though – are you?

My family has given me lots of grief this year because I haven’t given them a Christmas list. I just can’t think of a thing I’m dying to see under the Christmas tree this year. However I can think of plenty of things that won’t fit under a tree!  I doubt it will make my family any happier with me, but here’s my letter to Santa for this year:

Dear Santa,

This year I have been … well mostly nice I think. I don’t know if I did enough to be off the naughty list, but if so, I’d like the following things for Christmas:

new trails to hike – long or short, steep or level, I’m not picky! I do realize that this gift will also require the gift of trail maintainers to keep those trails passable, as well as maybe even a few generous souls to donate more land to places like the Land Trust so new places can be preserved. See what you can do.


rivers and waterfalls – and the rains to keep them flowing!

adventure companions – both two and four legged

basking rocks and stunning views

wildflowers – of all sorts (but especially my favorite bluebells)

Wild creatures – especially turtles!

A few more, er, non-traditional outdoor adventures would be fun too.


So that’s my list. Hopefully it’s not too much to ask. Merry Christmas to you and safe travels, Santa!

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