Happy Earth Day!

I’m a sucker for “Top 10” lists, aren’t you? On this Earth Day 2017, I was thinking about how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful area. We have rockets, and history, and of course, we have lots and lots of natural beauty. More important, we have lots of folks dedicated to preserving those areas so that we can all enjoy them. Whether it be the Alabama State Park System, the Land Trust of North Alabama, the Nature Conservancy, Alabama’s Forever Wild program, or city and county parks, we are blessed to live in an area that appreciates natural spaces.

Huntsville often makes national “Best Places to live” or “Top 10 Best …” type lists, and often one of the things cited as a reason for making the list is the abundance of outdoor activities available close by:

Just to link a few.

I am, you’ll not be surprised to hear, a bit biased towards the outdoors, so I thought I’d put together an “Earth Day Top 10 Area Hikes” list of my own. Whether you want an easy-peasy stroll, or a longer tramp through the woods, we’ve got you covered.  Happy Earth Day from Woodlands and Waters!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are some of our favorites from just the Huntsville area. For ideas a bit further away, check out our complete trail listing page. Now #getoutside and enjoy!

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