Welcome to Woodlands and Waters!  This is a blog of our outdoor adventures in the Tennessee Valley and beyond.  We plan to bring you trail descriptions and accounts of our floating, camping, and hiking trips; general observations about outdoor fun; a gallery of wildflower photos we’ve taken; and whatever strikes our fancy.  We’re Chet and Ruth Wright.


About Chet: I grew up on a farm in East Tennessee, and when you grow up on a farm you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors.  I roamed over every inch of our 40 acres and joined the Boy Scouts so I could roam over taller hills and through deeper valleys.  My travels led me to college three hours away from home, where I met Ruth, a kindred spirit who grew up half an hour away from me.  It was the first and best example of what wonderful things you can find in the world if you’ll just get out of your house!  When I’m not meandering in the woods or slaving over a computer, I’ve probably got my nose stuck in a book or I’m bringing the game into disrepute as a youth soccer referee.

About Ruth: I get my love of the outdoors from my father. He was a geologist and since I came along late in his life he was retired from the time I was 6. Lucky for me, this freed him up to take me on lots of hikes, bike rides, and berry picking excursions. We lived in East Tennessee just 20 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so there were lots of great trails to explore. We weren’t really campers – not something my mom enjoyed – so we mostly just went on day trips to the mountains where I delighted in scaring Mom to death by climbing every rock outcropping in sight. As a grown up, I still enjoy hiking, kayaking, and camping, but also baking, reading, and yoga.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. This fellow southerner enjoys your posts. I just visited the Green Mountain Nature Trail on Saturday and I was amazed with the WCTU fountain. My friend had shared stories with me about WTCU from her childhood so I was delighted to read the sign posted about the organization. Looking forward to following your posts.


  2. Loving what I’m finding on this blog! I am a fellow explorer and outdoors person. Live not far from y’all. Murvul. 12 mi. outside the Smokies. Do lots of exploring in the Cumberland Plateau and Cherokee National Forest or wherever I am at a given time.


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